August 2012 SALE

August has finally arrived.
 I have been planning for this like you would never believe.
All the sores.. ( That's them over on the Right side.)
Yeah all FIVE of em. Are up to date on new items. 
Plus I've got a sale.

Now to give yeah an idea of whats new.

1st set of 7 
Seven  papers each one different. Created in neutral
colors so you can recolor with no problem.Even turn them into overlays.

3600x3600  300 dpi  jpg
800x800  72 dpi  jpg


Buttons And things

A collection of buttons, safety pins, stick pins.


Six strips of lace. Useful in all your scrapbooking
projects. Give those little girl lay outs that x-tra
sweet little touch.

2nd set of 7
Second set of seven papers. Each one different.
Created in neutral tones for easy recoloring.
Play with the settings and turn em into overlays.
Each size has it's own zip.
3600x3600 300 dpi  jpg
800x800 72 dpi  jpg
No shadows

Thanks so much for coming over today.

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