Heart papers

Snowing slow and steady all day. Not sure how much we got out there. Seems to snow a little thaw, freeze,then do it all over again. More smaller snow dumps so far. A few years ago we got 24 inches overnight.  I'm ready for spring !!

 Been trying to get myself into the Valentines mood. Have had a few of the papers I played with turn out good.  I picked the ones I like the best. Gave em all the same color, and done.  I have never done glitter papers before, so the three in my paper pack are the first.

Not really impressed with the way Blogger is working for me today. Seems I might be better off just waiting for
a while.

I did you a freebie also. You can use it for anything you want. Open use even to create another freebie.

          Image is linked to download.. Just click the image. Remember to leave a comment.  I do read all of them.  See ya again soon.   Connie